CompTIA Strategies 2004 EMEA (November, 4-6 2004)

Probably the last CompTIA Strategies for EMEA was held in Vienna. Due to the short timeframe before and after the event I barely had time to visit Vienna itself. I had planned to explore the town on the day I had to fly back, but after an hour or so it began to rain and I decided to call it a day. Lots of things to see though, so I'm sure I will visit Vienna on another occasion.


Every morning I walked from my hotel through the Burggarten park to the Hilton where the event was held and came across the statue of Johann Strauss

Dinner at the Opernring with some of the (Dutch) delegates. Clockwise starting left: MariŽlle (AAC Cosmons), Ruud (CT&C), Janet (Q&A Int.), Denise (CompTIA Canada), me, Rick (BVO), GabriŽlle (EnterIT) and Bart (Foundation)

Graben, a pedestrian street with an eye-catching Baroque sculpture ďFaith defeats the plagueĒ. Unfortunately the weather is worsening...

...and by the time I reached the park at the Natural historical museum I was cold and wet and I decided to return to the hotel and pack my stuff. 
  Feel free to send me your photos if you attended CompTIA Strategies 2004
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