Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and CPLS Summit
in Toronto, Canada (July, 10-14 2004)

The annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2004 was held in Toronto, Canada.
This year Jan Remko joined me and because we both hadn't been in Canada before we decided to start things off with a all-day tour to the famous Niagara Falls.

We decided to start off with a helicopter tour above the falls. You can clearly
see the bridge between America and Canada and the mist around both falls

The Canadian horseshoe falls. Good for 2550m3 of water ... per second!
If you look very closely you can see the "Maid of the Mist" sailing towards the falls

Jan Remko, leaving the helicopter

The lower Niagara River with the whirlpool, rapids and "Aero Car"

The American falls (the large waterfall) and Bridal Veil falls (the very small
waterfall on the right). Only 10% of all the river water flows over these falls

This is me, well prepared to board the "Maid of the Mist". What looks like an
unfinished bridge is in fact the only way to view the falls from American territory

The American falls up close

The Canadian horseshoe falls as seen from above

The Dutch Microsoft welcome reception was held in the CN tower (left).
The CN tower is the world's tallest building (553m). The pod at 342m has a
dare-to-walk-on-air glass floor (above).
Next to the tower is the SkyDome (left & below). The Renaissance hotel where
we stayed is conveniently build against one side of the SkyDome

Spectacular view from the CN Tower. The bottom-right to upper-left diagonal is Young Street: the longest street of the World.
It runs from the harbor in Toronto to Rainy River in Ontario and has a length of 1900 kilometers!

All Dutch Microsoft partners were invited on a boat trip... view the skyline of Toronto from Lake Ontario

The closing session in the Air Canada centre where...

...Steve Ballmer is thanking us all Microsoft partners for their commitment

View from our hotel bar: the SkyDome floor is changed to prepare for...

...the Microsoft Partner Celebration! (the transformation took over 20 hours)

This is me climbing a wall while...

...the Toronto Raptors are warming up the crowd

Pat (love-is-a-battlefield) Benatar

Neil Giraldo

Fireworks in the SkyDome with the roof closed!
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