Novell Edge in San Diego (June 11-13, 2001)

My first and last Novell partner event in America was in the Hyatt hotel of San Diego. I cut expenses by booking a room at the Holiday Inn (about a mile away I guess) and rented a bike to travel between the two hotels. Quite an experience compared to biking in the Netherlands!

Before the partner event I had one day off and decided to take the blue line trolley (south bound) to the Mexican border. I couldn't resist visiting Mexico while I was so close to it. After a 45 minutes ride, I arrived at the border from where it is only a 10 min. walk to:

This United States/Mexican border is actually one of the busiest borders in the world

Getting into Mexico is easy: just follow the crowd through the fenced area...

...and after a 10 min. walk, you enter the point of no return...

...unless you're an American citizen or have a valid visa,
so make sure you carry your passport with you!

Right from center: an oversized Mexican flag at the base of the El Mirador

The Rio Tijuana (not very impressive during this season) as taken from the sidewalk bridge leading into downtown Tijuana

The contrast between the American and Mexican way of life is overwelming.
Young kid on the street, begging for some Dollars

Mexican tourist trap. In 'TJ' you can buy liquor, cigarettes, clothes, medicines,
or get dental surgery for only a fraction of the price you pay in America

Calle 1a (1st Street) near Ave. Revolucion (which is the major shopping area)

Another tourist trap, this time carbon based

San Diego, California (USA)

High speed internet access at my hotelroom.
No setup required, it just magically *works*

Palm trees near the San Diego Convention Center. We don't have those trees in the Netherlands, so this is a pretty cool photo to take home with

San Diego marina near Seaport Village. 
The Coronado toll bridge is visible in the faint distance

Hmmm. Same spot, different directon.
Facing Seaport Village (but not visible). Can't remember why I took this photo 

Good view of downtown San Diego 

Picnic in the park: the American way (stop car, get out, try to relax)

El Prado in Balboa park

The botanic garden at Plaza de Panama (Balboa Park)

Cloaked in secrecy in its day and to this day, the A-12 Blackbird remains an enigma. It eventually evolved in the well known SR-71 spy plane.
(Thank you for correcting me with incorrect answers, Laura Robinson)
The Blackbird is 93% titanium and capable of flying Mach 3 above 85000 feet.
It was tested at the top secret Area 51 facility.
The ever impressive looking A-12 is still in operation at the San Diego Aerospace Museum, where it is used to create a shady spot in front of the entrance.

Market St./4th Ave. Compare this picture with the ones from Tijuana 
(which is only a few miles South)

A couple of strange signs I found.
The one above states how many persons are allowed on the balcony of the Hyatt hotel: 471. Why not just 470?
The one at the right made me wonder if it was safe to get my bike from the garage without wearing a gasmask.
See my Atlanta trip for some more signs

North-West view from the top floor of the Hyatt hotel

East: overlooking Market St. (left), Island Ave. and J St. (right)

South-East: San Diego marina and the Coronado toll bridge.
The Hyatt hotel (40 levels) is the tallest building at the Pacific seafront

West: overlooking Coronado island (Navy base). In the distant you can see the aircraft carrier 'John C. Stennis', which is one of the largest ships in the world

My plane back from San Diego to Los Angeles (about 30 seats).
From there a Boeing 747 back to Amsterdam. I'll be back within a month!


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