Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference & CPLS Summit
in Minneapolis (July, 7-11 2005)

The Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2005 was a sold out conference, attended by over 6,000 partners.
It's goal: to gain velocity and reach and exceed the mutual business goals. This year and into the future.
Like last year I attended the conference with Jan Remko and to start things up this year,
we decided to gain our velocity in a very typical Dutch way.



Sight seeing trip through Minnehaha park, near the Mississippi lock & dam #1

This is me, disobeying at least 2 laws (as can be seen on the tarmac)

The view of downtown Minneapolis as seen from Lake Calhoun...

...and this is Jan Remko watching that view during a Nicotine Break

The Minneapolis Sculpture garden near the Walker Art center

Total distance by bike that day: 45 km/28 mile (measured w/ Google Earth)

Nicollet Ave as seen from the skyway between the hotel and Convention Hall

Corner of 2nd Ave S and 8th St S (spotted by Ana Naranjo)

Jan Remko, unwillingly hooked up at the Oxygen bar of the Fiesta de la Solera

Paddlewheel cruise on the Mississippi river for the Dutch Microsoft partners

L2R: Nico (Twice), Rick (BVO), Marco (Capgemini), Tjeerd (I-want-to-grow-a-
, Microsoft), Sandra (BVO), Patrick (Twice) and a few green bottles

Tough discussion between Jan Remko (left), MariŽlle (AAC Cosmos) and
Sem (SA-Voucher, New Horizons AM/RO)

The Microsoft closing party started off with EB Fraley... of the deans of Kentucky country fiddling, here seen with an electric guitar

And after that, the B52s made their appearance

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