Houston and NASA Mission Control

This was my very first visit to the United States of America. My mission: to attend one of the first Windows NT5 Train-the-Trainers courses and learn as much as possible about Windows NT5 (later renamed to Windows 2000). The mission was completed after five days of training (courses 1100, 1264, 1265, 1266 and 1267 in rocket speed!).
In the remaining hours I explored Houston and went to NASA Mission Control.

Skyline of Houston Downtown
Skyline of Houston Downtown (taken from the park)

Impressive tall building
It takes two elevators to get to the top

Eylard next to one of the 5 Saturn burners
Me, standing next to a F-1 engine rocket motor, the largest liquid engine ever developed. Where is this loose cable for?

The first stage of a Saturn-5 rocket contains five F-1 engines

A J-2 engine, used in the second and third stage

Spaceshuttle payload bay
Spaceshuttle payload bay

The last Saturn-5 rocket (which was never launched)
A genuine Saturn-5 rocket from the Apollo project. This one was never launched because the project was terminated. Believe me: it is impressive!

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