CompTIA Strategies 2003 EMEA (October, 23-25 2003)

Imagine this: You leave the United States on Monday after a week of hard labor (eg. following a Microsoft convention) and a week of vacation in New Orleans and Orlando. You arrive in The Netherlands on Tuesday morning after a 12 hour flight, unpack, then have a meeting with a couple of competitors on Wednesday, skip dinner and instead drive to Hamburg to arrive there after midnight.
The next morning you wake up around 14:00, only to discover that your first meeting is within half an hour. You're kept busy until late and the next morning you find out that waking up has never been more difficult, but on the other hand you feel perfectly well when you're one of the last few people kicked out of the bar on the 26th floor, well after 4 am.
Then, all in a sudden, you realize that you're body is still living the Eastern Standard Time which is lagging 6 hours of the actual time in Germany... Do I make a point? Am I excused? Are you sure??
All right then, because the bad news is that for the first time ever I forgot to make photos during the CompTIA event.

I've got a few which I will now proudly show to you, perfectly blended in-between some photos I copied from the hotel brochure:


Jeroen (Syntegra) thought he needed some extra cash. Ruud and Maarten
(both from CT&C) stand on guard while Jeroen is cashing...

...Only to find out that the infamous Reeperbahn is *not* the place to be
(being this joint by far the worst)

Birds eye of the Convention Center, the Radisson SAS hotel and the Bahnhof.
The bar on the 26th floor is OK

This could very well have been my room (or that of someone else because they all look the same)

Last but not least: the VUE sponsored dance party on Sathurday night

Smoke and flashlight don't mix well. The only one who is clearly recognizable in this mist is Angelique (VUE)
  Feel free to send me your photos if you attended CompTIA Strategies 2003
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