Novell EMEA Training Services Partner Meeting (May 3 & 4, 2007)

Out of the blue came the announcement of a special Training Services Partner Meeting for EMEA training partners.
The meeting was held in the Renaissance Hotel in Düsseldorf, Germany.
During the break on the second day, "the Drum Cafe" joined us for an interactive drum session.

Unaware of what is about to happen we find a drum set out on each seat!

The team begins to play and some individuals start beating away on their drum

Then, without saying a word, the facilitator starts to orchestrate the group.
Click here to watch the video (15.5 MB)

After a while, we exchange the drum for PVC pipes in different colors.
Each color represents a different length and therefore has a different pitch

After an hour the co-operative activity is over, leaving us feeling exhilarated

Judith in a lively discussion

Jan (Novell), Christina (Novell temp), me, Judith and Roy (both from NewLevel)...

...followed by Yves (Syntra West, Belgium) and Alistair (now working for Novell)
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