Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference and
Learning Summit in Boston (July, 9-14 2006)

This year the Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference 2006 was attended by well over 10,000 partners. Amongst those were about 400 Dutch Microsoft partners subdivided over numerous competencies.
As in previous years about a dozen Dutch Learning Solutions partners like AAC Cosmos, BVO, Capgemini Academy, Global Knowledge, InfoSupport, Master IT, New Horizons, NewLevel, Sylis, Twice, @The Academy and of course Compu'Train attended the global conference, the Learning Summit and the "Dutch-only" meetings. Beside all those meetings Sjoerd, Saskia and Serina made sure our stay was as pleasant as possible.


The Boston Public Garden, facing Beacon Street

Because Boston is known as "America's walking city",
I decided to walk to 2.5 mile Boston's Freedom Trail...

...which leads you to all the historic buildings and areas

Golf event for the Dutch Microsoft partners at the Stow Acres Country Club South

And off we go!

And this is me on my first 18-hole golf course

Sjoerd Oosterhoff (Microsoft) in the bunker

Jasper Voorhoeve (Master IT, Eindhoven)


In the mean time, the non-golfers went on a sailing trip to do some whale watching

Speaking of whales, here's one...

...and there's another one!

View from the 33rd floor of the State room on 60 State Street where we had the Dutch welcome reception for a staggering 400 (!) Dutch Microsoft partners

View from the State room a few hours later.
In the left bottom you can see part of Faneuil Hallís Quincy Market area...

...where at the same time the CPLS Summit party was held in Ned Devinesís Irish Pub

Wim (left) & Tjeerd (right) -both proud Microsofties- trying to get rid of me because
I refused to wear a ridiculous looking flaming orange tee-shirt

And this is me (same place, about an hour later) after getting rid of all
partners wearing ridiculous looking flaming orange tee-shirts. You might
think I look a bit sad but that's because of an eye rash which was bugging me

The first day of the Worldwide Partner Conference begins with a keynote by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer in the main hall of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Steve Ballmer

Part of the Expo Marketplace area

Discussion about the partner opportunities created by the upcoming launches of Windows Vista and the Microsoft 2007 Office system

Down at the WPC Expo Marketplace, techies race each other trying to assemble
a bootable laptop in the shortest time possible. The winner can take it home!

And this was my assembled "lunch" after racing for the remains at the food court
because I was only 10 minutes late due to a business meeting

Dutch seventies party at the Boston Hard Rock cafe

Marcel Teeuwen (Global Knowledge) and Sandra Korremans (BVO). Cheers!

EB Fraley performing for the second time in a row at the WPC Partner Celebration...

...with Allison Watson assisting on the keyboard (far right)

Followed by this year's main event: Train

Pat Monahan (...with drops of Jupiter in her hair, hey, hey...)

City Hall Plaza in the middle of downtown Boston at 11 pm

Judith (NewLevel), MariŽlle (AAC Cosmos) and Jasper (gone fishing), sailing on
the Charles River just before traveling back to the Netherlands (by plane, duh)

Photo's 7, 9-12, 14, 15, 19, 20 from WPC DVD Microsoft NL

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