Novell Executive Partner Summit
7-9 September 2003, Barcelona

Since Novell merged it's educational partners (NAECs) with it's business partners, the annual NAEC partner event became obsolete and was replaced by the The Novell Executive Partner Summit for EMEA. Like last year it was held in Barcelona, Spain.
If you have read my Barcelona 2002 page, you know that last year I had barely time to visit the city. You would expect from me that I learned from that experience. I did, honestly.
The only error I made this year is that I left the planning of my trip to my assistant who is even more eager than I am to make things as efficient as possible. Because of that the only thing I can show you now are some dull photos of my hotel room and the Novell dinner party. Thank you Eline ;-)


This is my room in the 5-Star Hotel Rey Juan Carlos, courtesy of Novell

And this is my luxury bed. Same room, same hotel

Let's move to the bathroom. Here you see a waterfallish thing to fill the bath.
Note the shower at the left which I used on the first night before I discovered that there was a separate shower room behind the bathroom door

Basically the same photo as above, but this time the bed has been prepared for the night. The interesting thing here is that this was done every night by the hotel personnel (while I was out).

The Executive Partner Summit goodies bag (hmm)

Find our Compu'Train logo

On the last night we made a rough bus trip to our dinner location. Especially the last kilometer looked more like a dry river bed than a official road, but... the end we got there and were welcomed by local musicians...

...and of course drinks and snacks

Tom must have said something really funny, but I was too busy with the camera

View of the Castell de Santa Florentina

Dinner room at the Castell de Santa Florentina
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