May, 13-17 2002

The Novell Edge EMEA convention in 2002 was held in Barcelona, Spain.
I arrived on the day before Edge started and visited my ex. colleague Rowdy (who currently lives and works in Barcelona).
During the days that followed I had no opportunity to visit the city.
Immediately after the Edge closing session I returned to my hotel and marked the places I absolutely wanted to visit.
At 15:00 I headed for the highly efficient Barcelona metro, only to emerge at the selected tourists spots.
Available time: about 5 hours, so let's go!


This pictures was made up from two pictures, then merged and edited with Photoshop
First stop: the Sagrada Família, the greatest but unfinished work of Gaudí

The Nativity Façade of the Sagrada Família

View of Barcelona after climbing (!) the 400 stone steps in one of the towers

The inner side of the Sagrada Família is one big construction site

Can you spot the column hidden somewhere in this picture?

Construction work at the Sagrada Família continues at a slow but steady pace

The rippled façade of Gaudí's apartment building, Casa Milà

The pinkish Arc del Triomf on my way from the metro station to the park

Parc de la Ciutadella with numerous naturalized parrots

Lovely boating lake in Parc de la Ciutadella

City view from the hill of Montjuïc, accessible by funicular and cable car.
Notice the Sagrada Família just above the cable car

Castell de Montjuïc at the sea front. On the other side of this 213 meter high hill is the 1992 Olympic stadium and it's surrounding buildings

The wide, tree-shaded 'La Rambla' with newsstands, caged bird and flower
stalls, musicians and mime artists. Eight o'clock and I'm getting hungry!

Close to La Rambla is La Boqueria, a huge covered market where you can buy
fruits, fish, spices and more
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